I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Me myself and my life

I'm going to tell you about me.
As you know my name is Grace. I'm different to other people, I'm Me! Me equals a bit of a dark personality in me but i show the happy side to people. Some people don't like me because I'm sad all the time, I hate it when people judge me and be mean because your being yourself,( This is why I'm sad all the time.) but being yourself is awesome and fun.
There is actually a person in me that can not say no, I always say yes (unless its to going out with someone) I just want to say no but I cant, maybe its because of the happy nice person I try to be on the outside but on the inside I'm more dark and different .
Thanks for reading about me and my life!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Novel Study's- The secret garden

Hey people,
Me and my friends were doing this thing called novel study and the book I have been reading is The secret garden. I need to find 5 songs to go with this book.
Facts about the secret garden:
1. Mary (The main character) was born in India.
2. Her parents don't love her at all.
3. She's really mean at the start and goes happy at the end
4. She has a very bad attitude.
The songs I chose for this novel study are:
1. You don't love me any more </3
2. (You probably know this as a movie) Cheetah girls dance me if you can.
3. (Movie again) Cheetah girls one world.
5.I don't wanna talk about it.
I chose You don't love me any more because Mary's mother doesn't love her any more or never actually loved her.
Cheetah girls i chose cheetah girls because it is Bollywood music and it's still hip hop so i still like it.
Cheetah girls same reason its Bollywood but this cheetah girls is different a lady is actually getting married but i still love the song.
I also chose paradise because it's goes with the theme. The secret garden is probably like paradise.
My last choice is I don't wanna talk about as the title says Mary does not talk about stuff to anyone until the end of the book.

Friday, 12 July 2013

11 before 11

 I think children that are close to turning eleven should remember...

1. Manners. Remember to say Please, Thank you and Sorry. Always hold the door open for someone,  All
ways be nice (unless you don't like the person.) You should remember manners so you are liked when you get older.

2. Nearly Eleven year old children should remember the things they have learnt in school. Writing, reading, maths and anything else important for a eleven year old education. You should remember reading, writing and maths because it will get you a job and a great future.

3. Children should learn to do not be scared when watching a scary movie because not being scared in that situation will not come in handy.

4. People near the age of eleven should learn how to use time travel meet up with the Doctor from Doctor Who and say I want to come!

5. Here is the thing there are a lot of sharks and a lot of beaches kids turning eleven should learn how to swim very fast to escape a shark or else they could get eaten.

6. Kids under eleven should learn how to run on grass when it's raining and learn to not slip over. Why? Because they cold fall over and get badly injured.

7.  Students eleven and under should learn about the world to know if the world is evil or good So they should go round Earth and study all the countries. Never know this could come in handy.

8. People should learn how to climb trees. They could save a cat or a human.

9. People under eleven should learn how to drive. So they will pass their test instantly and will not hurt anyone.

10. Us kids should learn how to make a wedding cake it's never to early to get married and you never know when you will get married.

11. Always remember to have a little book to write notes in case you need to look back on them.

Kids under Eleven should remember all this stuff it could come in handy.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

operation who let the dogs out

"Hey just locking up then going home"  She locks gate. "HEY!" says manager."Yes" says Grace "Get this cage locked up!" "Yes Sir!" "whats going on?" says Bella on phone "nothing just the manager being him" "oh ok so what you wanna do after " Bella asks? "i said i was just gonna go home" Says Grace! "no come on lets have a party" "OK lets have a party"! Grace Shouts!

All the animals heard Grace shouting the word Party out and they wondered  ...
"Hey guys" said Leo the lion "What" said Fiona the flamengo. All the other animals shouted (this is the 100 word shouted) what! "Should we have a PARTY" asked Leo.  " Sure" says Mordecai the moking bird. "wait we dont have music!!" said Rigby the raccune. All the animals were bummed but then "HEY its Rapper the rapping Ape in the house i got music! says well Rapper the rapping Ape. "OK play it" says Doug the Dog. The Dogs then run out of their cage  "its a good thing that Grace left the cages unlocked!" the dogs dont have thumbs so its great they have tails. The dogs let everyone out Then Rapper plays who let the dogs out  and everyone danced hard out!

Grace soon got fired the manager got fired for being so mean and the big boss rehired Grace so everything was good!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Up and Down Criss Cross country

Leg stretches (count for 10 seconds) one two three four five six seven eight nine ten Other leg one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Line up!

I could hear my heart racing . My eyes were looking straight forward. (so i didn't trip like this girl Emma at the start) I haven't stopped (on the block run)then when i start to stop i stop next to my teacher Miss Thompson so i kept going and got to the top of the hill.
I ran alot didn't stop until i got to the bridge that had shade finally a rest!

I caught up with my friend Mehara we ran together so she could beat someone and i didnt wanna be alone so we ran and ran and ran some more. Yay! Shade again Mehara and I started to walk we actully started to get this plan of running down hills running half way up the hill and then to walk.

But then it was all down hill into school Mehara and I raced to the finish but she bate me I came fourty sixth and was proud of myself! Next yearIi will do better1

Friday, 24 May 2013

How to write a song

                                                               How to write a song
                  Have you been dreaming to be Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga on the red carpet?
                   Hi this is Grace's guide to writing a song. I like to start with the lyrics so...

Step 1: The lyrics. all you have to do is think about your day or your dreams you had last night or whatever stood out yesterday or the day before yesterday and start writing.

Step 2: the verses,chorus and bridge. Get them all in order make sure the song makes sense.

Step 3: when you have got your lyrics get a rhythm going it can be fast it can be slow. It's your song.

Step 4: OK you have your lyrics your beat/rhythm all you need to do now is get some friends or family and sing for them.

                Thanks for reading get on to your song and you will be on the red carpet in no time.


Monday, 15 April 2013

csi investagatoin

I was going to a slumber party at Rosalie's house with my friends then us three got a text saying the same thing it said that the slumber party was over the text was from Rosalie.
So i went up to Rosalie's house rung the door bell and no one answered so i went back home.
the people going to the slumber party were Zoe , Usha , Michelle and I
Rosalie was home alone while she was waiting for us.
It was for her birthday her birthday was on the 8th of April she was turning 15.
Me and Zoe met up to walk to Rosalie's house at maybe 8:30 to 9:00 to be fashionably late.
We didn't see Michelle never texted us so are we done here?
Michelle lives at 23 rose st I don't know she might live with her mum dad we don't go to her place but her parents are divorced
Her dad and mum were pretty pshyco but we never said anything

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What if she was alive!

"What if she was still alive?"
Her heart wasnt beating yes but what if she was taking a deep breath.
like me taking a deeper breath as i go on hoping that we did the right thing but theres something in my gut that doesnt feel right.
Did i do something wrong or something great that was someone elses succes
or was it ...
All i know is if shes alive i would say good night and morning to her everyday
help her with anything that i was strong enough to do.
i keeped moving forward in life forgeting what happened
Ive been crying ever since.
At her funeral you could hear in the mment of scilence me not being silent still crying
but eveyday i put on a fake smile and go out and play but i always look up.
I would look through space through the clouds to see her face once more pictures arnt the same.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

up above

As i was as sad as a clown.
but I didnt make a sound
I cried alot but got over it the next day
but people saw I could not speak.
so someone else did for me.

As it was so quiet but you could hear the echos of me crying
as someone else was already dying.
In my heart.
Everyone showed up but not for me
if you were there you would see.
Where? In my past
but you look into a mirror and see its one way glass
so I knew she was watching me

so when it snowed and when the sun shined
as the waves were full of seagulls
if selotape tried to keep the world together
but i was to sad to notice
As Saturdays and Sundays involved me looking out the window
saying why? Speaking in my mind.

Now i accept shes up above.

Grace Kelly

Thursday, 14 March 2013

were you to late?

 If feeling lonely is worse then being lonely as you would scream in your mind but not out loud so no one could hear you. As a firework inside you started to light up and sparkle but one small action put it out.
 As the wind was as wild as a lion and blew you from side to side. You were a bird flying so high no feathers dropped down. As you were buried so deep your heart beat was as slow as a snail. But you ran as fast as a wagon.
If you were a door opening to a new life but you began small like a insect but your soul was as big as a cloud. But as you grew like a tree you felt to tall but you came back as if it were a dream.
By Grace

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Camp Site

Once upon a time there were two children. One boy and one girl they were twins. When they were riding their bikes to a campsite they had found a dizzy knocked out man outside a police box. They were wondering why a man was on a camp grounds knocked out outside a police box.

They helped him up and took said him to the camp site. When he woke up he asked "Who are  you and where am I?". The girl then spoke "I'm Laura" then boy said "I'm Richard". Laura then said " your at a campsite and i have a question for you. Who are you"? "Me I'm the Doctor" Doctor who"? Richard asked."Just Doctor is fine". He gave them a smile.  

"Well  nice to meet you but i must be off " Doctor says "off where"? "Off somewhere" "what back to your police box"? Richard asked. "Yes actully where is it"? its ro" "fine ill find it"docter says "well fine then said laura" 

Doctor went back to hes police box and was never seen again.