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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Novel Study's- The secret garden

Hey people,
Me and my friends were doing this thing called novel study and the book I have been reading is The secret garden. I need to find 5 songs to go with this book.
Facts about the secret garden:
1. Mary (The main character) was born in India.
2. Her parents don't love her at all.
3. She's really mean at the start and goes happy at the end
4. She has a very bad attitude.
The songs I chose for this novel study are:
1. You don't love me any more </3
2. (You probably know this as a movie) Cheetah girls dance me if you can.
3. (Movie again) Cheetah girls one world.
5.I don't wanna talk about it.
I chose You don't love me any more because Mary's mother doesn't love her any more or never actually loved her.
Cheetah girls i chose cheetah girls because it is Bollywood music and it's still hip hop so i still like it.
Cheetah girls same reason its Bollywood but this cheetah girls is different a lady is actually getting married but i still love the song.
I also chose paradise because it's goes with the theme. The secret garden is probably like paradise.
My last choice is I don't wanna talk about as the title says Mary does not talk about stuff to anyone until the end of the book.

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